1: Tyrion Lannister - Known for his wit and wisdom, Tyrion is a fan favorite despite his flaws.

2: Cersei Lannister - The conniving queen with a ruthless streak and unwavering ambition.

3: Joffrey Baratheon - A hated character for his cruel and sadistic nature, earning him the title of worst.

4: Sansa Stark - From naive girl to cunning strategist, Sansa's character development is lauded.

5: Jon Snow - The honorable and brave hero, beloved by fans for his loyalty and courage.

6: Daenerys Targaryen - The mother of dragons who transforms from a kind ruler to a ruthless conqueror.

7: Arya Stark - The fierce and independent warrior who seeks vengeance for her family.

8: Jaime Lannister - The complex character who evolves from a villain to a redeemed hero.

9: Ned Stark - The honorable and just lord whose integrity sets him apart as one of the best characters.