1: 1. Meredith saved a patient by holding a bomb inside his chest. 2. She donated part of her liver to her father. 3. Meredith risked her career to expose insurance fraud.

2: 4. She took in a patient's daughter after she passed away. 5. Meredith fought for a young patient's right to receive treatment. 6. She mentored a troubled intern to become a skilled surgeon.

3: 7. Meredith stood up to hospital management for patient care. 8. She supported her sister-in-law during a difficult pregnancy. 9. Meredith helped a homeless patient get back on his feet.

4: 10. She navigated a difficult case involving a patient with ALS. 11. Meredith pushed for research on a rare disease to save a patient. 12. She comforted a dying patient by fulfilling her last wish.

5: 13. Meredith advocated for improved hospital safety measures. 14. She organized a fundraiser to support a patient in need. 15. Meredith worked tirelessly to save a patient with a rare condition.

6: 16. She assisted a patient in escaping a dangerous situation. 17. Meredith supported a colleague struggling with addiction. 18. She fought for proper care for a patient with no insurance.

7: 19. Meredith rescued a patient trapped in a collapsed building. 20. She advocated for a patient's right to choose their treatment. 21. Meredith helped a patient with PTSD find peace and healing.

8: 22. She exposed a corrupt doctor to protect patients. 23. Meredith consoled a patient whose loved one died in surgery. 24. She pushed for a change in hospital policy to save lives.

9: 25. Meredith risked her life to save patients in a ferry accident. 26. She comforted a patient facing a devastating diagnosis. 27. Meredith prioritized patient care over personal gain.