1: Spinach: Packed with protein and iron, it's a great alternative to eggs in omelettes and salads.

2: Broccoli: A powerhouse veggie rich in protein, vitamins, and antioxidants for a healthy breakfast or snack.

3: Mushrooms: A tasty source of protein that can fill in for eggs in vegetarian dishes and stir-fries.

4: Peas: High in protein and fiber, peas are a versatile veggie that can substitute for eggs in soups and stews.

5: Lentils: A protein-rich legume that can be used in place of eggs in burgers and casseroles.

6: Quinoa: A complete protein that pairs well with veggies in place of eggs for a hearty meal.

7: Chickpeas: A great source of protein and fiber that can replace eggs in wraps and salads.

8: Sweet potatoes: Packed with protein and vitamins, they make a delicious egg alternative in breakfast hash.

9: Cauliflower: Low in calories and high in protein, it's a great substitute for eggs in grain-free recipes.