1: #1 The Sentry - A hero with incredible power and a troubled past.

2: #2 The Living Tribunal - The cosmic entity responsible for maintaining balance in the universe.

3: #3 Ego the Living Planet - A being with the ability to control entire worlds.

4: #4 Thanos - The Mad Titan with unmatched strength and intelligence.

5: #5 Galactus - The devourer of worlds and one of the most feared cosmic entities.

6: #6 The Collector - A mysterious being who collects rare and powerful artifacts.

7: #7 The Phoenix Force - A cosmic entity that wields the power of creation and destruction.

8: #8 The Celestials - Ancient beings who have shaped the Marvel Universe for eons.

9: #9 The Watcher - A cosmic being tasked with observing and recording events in the universe.