1: Introduction Discover 20min ways to make stuffed cabbage casserole with kids - no mess required!

2: Gather Ingredients Teach kids to gather cabbage, ground meat, rice, and sauce for a fun cooking experience.

3: Prep Cabbage Show kids how to carefully peel off cabbage leaves for the casserole.

4: Roll Cabbage Guide kids in rolling meat and rice mix in cabbage leaves.

5: Arrange in Dish Let kids arrange rolled cabbage in a baking dish for baking.

6: Bake Together Supervise kids as they help put the casserole in the oven for baking.

7: Serve and Enjoy Enjoy the delicious classic stuffed cabbage casserole made by your kids!

8: Benefits of Cooking with Kids Cooking together promotes bonding and teaches kids valuable skills.

9: Share the Recipe Share the joy of cooking with others by passing on the stuffed cabbage casserole recipe.