1: Myth: Coffee stunts growth. Truth: No scientific evidence supports this. Enjoy your coffee guilt-free!

2: Myth: Coffee causes dehydration. Truth: Moderate coffee intake won't dehydrate you. Stay hydrated throughout the day!

3: Myth: Coffee is bad for your heart. Truth: Coffee in moderation can actually have heart-healthy benefits.

4: Myth: Coffee is addictive. Truth: Coffee contains caffeine, but it's not addictive like drugs.

5: Myth: Dark roast has more caffeine. Truth: Roast level doesn't affect caffeine content. Choose your roast based on taste!

6: Myth: Coffee can cure a hangover. Truth: Coffee might make you feel more alert, but it won't cure a hangover.

7: Myth: Coffee can prevent cancer. Truth: While coffee contains antioxidants, it's not a guaranteed cancer prevention.

8: Myth: Coffee is bad for your bones. Truth: Some studies suggest coffee may have a slight impact on bone health, but overall, it's not a major concern.

9: Myth: Coffee can worsen anxiety. Truth: If you're prone to anxiety, consider limiting your caffeine intake. Practice mindfulness while enjoying your coffee.