1: Schnitzel: Classic and crispy, this breaded dish is a must-try German favorite.

2: Spätzle: These chewy egg noodles are a perfect accompaniment to any German meal.

3: Bratwurst: Juicy and flavorful, these sausages are a staple of German cuisine.

4: Sauerkraut: Tangy and delicious, this fermented cabbage is a traditional side dish.

5: Kartoffelsalat: This refreshing potato salad is a comfort food essential in Germany.

6: Apfelstrudel: Indulge in this sweet apple pastry for a true taste of Germany.

7: Rouladen: Beef rolls stuffed with onions, mustard, and pickles - a German delicacy.

8: Käsespätzle: Cheesy and satisfying, this baked dish is a beloved German comfort food.

9: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte: End your meal with a slice of this iconic Black Forest cake.