1: 1. Light Up Your Party with LED Bluetooth Speaker 2. Keep Drinks Cold with Portable Ice Maker

2: 3. Create Ambiance with Colorful Smart Bulbs 4. Impress Guests with Cocktail Making Robot

3: 5. Capture Memories with Instant Camera 6. Enhance Music Experience with DJ Turntable

4: 7. Serve Cocktails with Electric Drink Mixer 8. Wow Guests with Laser Light Projector

5: 9. Keep Drinks Chilled with Wine Chiller Bucket 10. Impress Friends with Home Karaoke Machine

6: 11. Make Cocktails in Style with Electric Shaker 12. Set the Mood with Indoor Fire Pit

7: 13. Amaze Guests with Disco Ball Light 14. Host a Movie Night with Mini Projector

8: 15. Serve Gourmet Popcorn with Air Popcorn Maker 16. Create A DJ Booth with Mini Mixer

9: 17. Wow Guests with Floating Bluetooth Speaker 18. Host a Karaoke Night with Wireless Microphone.