1: 1. Upgrade your Thanksgiving feast with these tasty Jiffy cornbread side dishes.

2: 2. Create a mouthwatering cornbread stuffing that will impress your guests.

3: 3. Whip up some cheesy jalapeno cornbread muffins for a spicy kick.

4: 4. Serve a sweet cornbread pudding for a deliciously decadent Thanksgiving treat.

5: 5. Enjoy a classic cornbread casserole with a savory twist this holiday season.

6: 6. Try a savory cornbread and sausage stuffing for a hearty and satisfying dish.

7: 7. Indulge in a sweet and tangy cranberry cornbread for a festive Thanksgiving side.

8: 8. Impress your guests with a creamy cornbread souffle that's both decadent and delicious.

9: 9. Elevate your Thanksgiving table with these quick and easy Jiffy cornbread side dishes.