1: "Schnitzel: A thinly pounded cutlet fried to perfection."

2: "Sauerkraut: Tangy fermented cabbage, a German staple."

3: "Pretzels: Soft, doughy, and sprinkled with salt, a must-try."

4: "Bratwurst: Juicy sausage served hot off the grill."

5: "Apfelstrudel: Apple pastry with a flaky crust, a sweet delight."

6: "Kartoffelsalat: Tangy potato salad with crunchy onions."

7: "Rouladen: Tender beef rolls stuffed with onions and pickles."

8: "Beer: German brews like lager and hefeweizen are world-famous."

9: "Black Forest Cake: Rich chocolate cake with cherries and cream."