1: 1. Cacti: Known for sharp energy and potential to create tension.

2: 2. Spider Plant: Absorbs negative energy but can become overwhelmed.

3: 3. Peace Lily: Attracts positive energy but can wilt in negative environments.

4: 4. Snake Plant: Known for resilience, but can also hold onto negative energy.

5: 5. Jade Plant: Symbolizes prosperity, but too much can invite financial stress.

6: 6. Aloe Vera: Soothes burns but can also absorb emotional turmoil.

7: 7. Orchids: Uplift spirits but can be sensitive to negative vibes.

8: 8. Bamboo Palm: Clears the air but can struggle in oppressive environments.

9: 9. Ficus Tree: Brings life and balance but can magnify negative energy if unhealthy.