1: Classic French Manicure The timeless white tip and natural base - chic, elegant, and forever in style.

2: Reverse French Manicure Swap the colors - bold and edgy, with the tip colored and the base nude.

3: French Ombre Manicure Transition from light to dark - a gradient effect for a modern twist.

4: French Glitter Manicure Add some sparkle to your tips - glam up your look with glitter accents.

5: French Geometric Manicure Experiment with shapes and lines - graphic and sleek for a contemporary vibe.

6: French Matte Manicure Ditch the shine for a velvety finish - understated and chic.

7: French Floral Manicure Incorporate delicate floral designs - fresh and feminine for a charming touch.

8: French Nude Manicure Subtle and sophisticated - a barely-there French tip for a minimalist look.

9: French Neon Manicure Go bold with bright neon colors - a fun and playful take on the classic French.