1: Indulge in quick Mediterranean meals packed with magnesium for weight loss.

2: Avocado and tomato salad with feta cheese – a magnesium-rich option.

3: Tuna and white bean salad – a quick, high-magnesium lunch choice.

4: Mediterranean quinoa bowl loaded with chickpeas – a healthy, magnesium-rich option.

5: Greek yogurt with berries and almonds – a magnesium-packed snack.

6: Hummus wrap with veggies and olives – a quick and tasty lunch idea.

7: Roasted red pepper and spinach frittata – a magnesium-rich, filling option.

8: Mediterranean salmon with couscous – a flavorful, magnesium-packed lunch.

9: Enjoy these 6 Best Five-Minute Mediterranean Lunches for Healthy Weight Loss.