1: What is Insulin Resistance? Learn the basics of insulin resistance and how it affects your body's ability to process glucose.

2: Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet. Discover the health benefits of following a Mediterranean diet for insulin resistance.

3: Mediterranean Diet Food List. Find out what foods you should be included in your 6-day meal plan for insulin resistance.

4: Breakfast Ideas. Start your day with delicious and nutritious breakfast options that are perfect for managing insulin resistance.

5: Lunch Recipes. Try these tasty lunch recipes that are specially designed for insulin resistance and following a Mediterranean diet.

6: Dinner Recipes. Enjoy flavorful dinner recipes packed with nutrient-dense ingredients to support your insulin resistance goals.

7: Snack Options. Keep your hunger at bay with these healthy snack ideas that are ideal for maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

8: Meal Planning Tips. Get expert tips on how to effectively plan and prepare your meals for a successful 6-day Mediterranean diet journey.

9: Success Stories. Read inspiring stories from individuals who have successfully managed their insulin resistance with a Mediterranean diet.