1: Will Tony and Ziva finally reunite in the new season of NCIS? Find out the shocking plot twists ahead!

2: Detectives uncover a secret connection between Tony and Ziva that could reignite their romance.

3: A dangerous case puts Tony and Ziva's lives at risk, forcing them to confront their feelings.

4: Unexpected allies emerge to help Tony and Ziva find their way back to each other.

5: Past secrets come to light, revealing the true depth of Tony and Ziva's bond.

6: Will a tragic event bring Tony and Ziva closer together or tear them apart for good?

7: A mysterious figure from Tony's past threatens to derail his chances of rekindling his romance with Ziva.

8: Tony and Ziva must trust each other like never before as they navigate a web of lies and deceit.

9: In a heart-stopping finale, Tony and Ziva risk everything for a chance at a future together at Paramount in March 2024.