1: "Fans Rejoice" Excitement abounds for the Tony and Ziva spinoff, set to debut on Paramount in March 2024.

2: "Dynamic Duo" Tony and Ziva's undeniable chemistry captivates audiences as they embark on new adventures.

3: "Emotional Depth" Their complex relationship adds layers of emotion and intrigue to each storyline.

4: "Action-Packed" Get ready for heart-pounding action as Tony and Ziva tackle tough cases with style.

5: "Family Dynamics" Explore the challenges and triumphs of their unconventional family unit.

6: "Character Growth" Watch as Tony and Ziva evolve and grow, both individually and as a duo.

7: "Fan Favorite" NCIS fans have long awaited this spinoff, and it promises to deliver on all fronts.

8: "Continuing Legacy" The Tony and Ziva spinoff carries on NCIS's tradition of quality storytelling and compelling characters.

9: "Don't Miss Out" Tune in to Paramount in March 2024 for the premiere of the Tony and Ziva spinoff - NCIS's best decision yet.