1: Discover 7 kid-friendly Mediterranean recipes packed with hidden veggies to reduce inflammation.

2: Try colorful veggie-loaded wraps for a fun and nutritious meal for your little ones.

3: Enjoy zucchini and carrot fritters as a tasty and sneaky way to add veggies to your child's diet.

4: Delight your kids with sweet potato and lentil patties that are both delicious and anti-inflammatory.

5: Introduce mini eggplant pizzas for a healthy twist on a kid-favorite dish with hidden veggies.

6: Sneak in extra nutrients with cauliflower mac and cheese that’s creamy and nutritious for children.

7: Serve up Mediterranean veggie burgers that are full of flavor and beneficial for reducing inflammation.

8: Opt for veggie-loaded chicken skewers as a tasty and anti-inflammatory meal for picky eaters.

9: Finish with banana zucchini muffins for a sweet treat that's secretly packed with vegetables.