1: 1. Tony and Ziva's playful banter adds humor to intense cases on NCIS.

2: 2. Their witty exchanges highlight their close friendship and chemistry.

3: 3. Tony's teasing and Ziva's sarcasm make for memorable moments.

4: 4. Fans love the banter between Tony and Ziva on the show.

5: 5. Their banter often reveals deeper emotions and feelings between them.

6: 6. Tony and Ziva's banter is a fan favorite aspect of NCIS.

7: 7. Their playful dynamic brings light-hearted moments to the show.

8: 8. Tony and Ziva's banter showcases their strong bond and camaraderie.

9: 9. The banter between Tony and Ziva steals the show in every episode of NCIS.