1: Abby Sciuto, the quirky forensic scientist, brings her tech skills to Tony and Ziva's spinoff adventure.

2: Leon Vance, the stoic NCIS director, joins forces with Tony and Ziva in their new mission.

3: Tim McGee, the lovable computer whiz, provides crucial intel to help Tony and Ziva solve cases.

4: Jimmy Palmer, the loyal medical examiner, lends his expertise to Tony and Ziva's investigations.

5: Eleanor Bishop, the skilled NSA analyst, assists Tony and Ziva in navigating the world of espionage.

6: Nick Torres, the former undercover agent, partners with Tony and Ziva to take down dangerous foes.

7: Jackie Sloane, the brilliant forensic psychologist, offers insights that aid Tony and Ziva in solving mysteries.

8: Kasie Hines, the enthusiastic lab tech, helps Tony and Ziva uncover clues that lead to the truth.

9: Clayton Reeves, the charming MI6 officer, teams up with Tony and Ziva to tackle international cases.