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Colorados deion sanders i know which cfb coaches diss me while recruiting

College football recruiting is a tricky field to manage but colorado head coach deion sanders believes some coaches have used questionable approaches

Sanders stated during an appearance on the dan patrick show that he believes other coaches are disparaging him to recruits and he has seen the evidence himself

Most definitely sanders said when asked if he knew who the coaches were my kids that we recruited

That signed with us they have video conversations tape of coaches badmouthing us and talking about us like a dog

Sanders stated he enjoys the way other coaches talk about himi love it because they have so much confidence in me he told reporters they tell them well hes not going to be there

Hes going to leave well if he leaves it means hes moving on to another level to another school and i dont need it to define who i am i dont inherit legacies

I create themcolorados 2024 recruiting class is ranked 117th in the country by 247sports composite the buffaloes have signed only seven high school players

According to cbs sports will backus the recruiting class is by far the smallest among power conference programs