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Companions suiting your zodiac sign on a journey

Finding the right travel companion is difficult how can you meet someone you like who shares your interests and vacation ideals here is the list who you should travel with based on your zodiac sign

Aries march 21–april 19 as a born leader pioneer and discoverer you enjoy visiting new cities hiking and enjoying sports on vacation you like alone time and are not a team player your ideal travel companion is a partner or close friend aries and leo are both highenergy assertive signs and while you prefer outdoor activities leo enjoys luxury so youll find a wonderful balance

Taurus  april 20may 20 born under the bull sign youre sensual and love selfcare you love spa robes aromatherapy and massages plan a luxurious stressfree adult vacation at an exclusive resort without kids or an elite hotel with babysitters pisces are flexible and easygoing making them good travel companions

Gemini from may 21 to june 20 social butterfly you love to travel study and try new things often restless at home youll seek trips to forget your routine to meet locals take public transportation travel with your siblings or join a group tour to make new friends—gemini is the sign of siblings you like traveling with sagittarius because youre smart philosophical and energetic plus geminis air brightens sagittarius fire

Cancer june 21–july 22 cancer the sign of family and children is happiest at home but you dont have to stay cancers get along well with their parents so take the kids on an extended family trip slow down on your next trip and enjoy home food in tiny restaurants and meet locals—crabs dont like to move youll love vacationing with virgo a meticulous earth sign who will cheerfully plan everything

Leo july 23–august 22 red carpets attract leos as a fire sign you like luxury hotels and michelinstarred restaurants if you appreciate expensive culture get tickets to the opera or ballet or join a global exclusive members club to meet likeminded people one of these fantastic new buddies who shares your pricey interests will make traveling fun since you both love traveling and exploring new places gemini and leo make a good match

Virgo august 23–september 22 be organized and plan your trip months in advance research and read restaurant and destination reviews to maximize your trip as you value your time on the ground you love traveling with a trusted coworker and have great work relationships order light wellprepared dishes of highquality fresh fish and vegetables for virgos delicate digestive systems you travel well with pisces since you have cultural interests

Libra september 23–october 22 libra the sign of balance regulates marriage therefore prioritize couple excursions youre probably single and looking for a mate so singles vacations or cruises are perfect for you libra is the most social sign so everyone wants to know you and you love nightlife so you wont be alone long you and gemini are gregarious friendly curious and active air signs making them wonderful travel companions