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Genius iq test in just 8 seconds only 1 of smart people can identify the error

Take part in an intriguing brainteaser that will test your ability to think clearly and will stimulate your intelligence

With just one chance to enter the room your mission is to determine which switch operates which lightbulb

To solve the puzzle would you use reasoning experimentation or a combination of the two as you consider this

Only one percent of very clever people can correctly identify the hidden error on the genius iq test in less than eight seconds

The puzzle is designed to test ones cognitive limits it requires quick thinking and an acute sense of accuracy

The secret is to examine the data with unmatched precision whether its a grammatical error a numerical anomaly or a visual distortion the error is small but obvious to very intelligent people

Put yourself to the test assess your cognitive skills and find out if you have the special aptitude to identify the error in the elusive 8 seconds

The purpose of the genius iq test is to evaluate the cognitive skills of the top 1 of bright people