1: Grey's Anatomy Season 20 celebrates 20 years of drama, love, and loss. Join the cast as they reflect on the show's impact.

2: Ellen Pompeo, the iconic Dr. Meredith Grey, shares her thoughts on the show's enduring success and her character's evolution.

3: Patrick Dempsey, aka McDreamy, reminisces about his time on Grey's and the lasting friendships he made on set.

4: Sandra Oh, who played Cristina Yang, discusses the show's groundbreaking representation and the importance of diverse storytelling.

5: Justin Chambers reflects on his character Alex Karev's journey and the impact Grey's Anatomy has had on viewers worldwide.

6: Chandra Wilson, the beloved Dr. Bailey, opens up about the show's longevity and the bond between the cast members.

7: James Pickens Jr., who portrays Dr. Richard Webber, shares his favorite moments from the series and the enduring legacy of Grey's Anatomy.

8: Jesse Williams discusses the show's impact on social issues and the importance of using television as a platform for change.

9: The cast looks back on 20 years of Grey's Anatomy with gratitude and love for the fans who have supported them throughout the iconic series.