1: Michael Weatherly teases surprises ahead for NCIS fans. Tony and Ziva's return raises questions about a potential spinoff.

2: Speculations swirl as Tony and Ziva reunite on NCIS. Could a new spinoff series featuring the fan-favorite duo be in the works?

3: Fans speculate about a possible Tony and Ziva spinoff. Michael Weatherly hints at more surprises to come on NCIS.

4: Tony and Ziva's return to NCIS sparks excitement. Will their reunion lead to a new spinoff series?

5: Michael Weatherly teases a bright future for NCIS. Could a Tony and Ziva spinoff be in the cards?

6: The Tony and Ziva reunion on NCIS leaves fans wanting more. Michael Weatherly hints at exciting developments for the beloved characters.

7: Tony and Ziva's return to NCIS sets the stage for new adventures. Will a spinoff series be the next chapter for the fan-favorite pair?

8: Michael Weatherly teases surprises in store for NCIS fans. Speculation grows about a possible Tony and Ziva spinoff.

9: Tony and Ziva's reappearance on NCIS stirs up excitement. Could a spinoff series be on the horizon for the dynamic duo?