More Than 60000 People Rush To Purchase Tickets For Tom Hollands Two Hour Sellout Run On The West End - Theshecannetwork

More than 60000 people rush to purchase tickets for tom hollands twohour sellout run on the west end

Tom hollands west end return sold out in just over two hours as 60000 fans scrambled for tickets to his turn in shakespeares romeo juliet

The frenzy for tickets for his 12week run starting may 11 until august 3 began at midday on tuesday with all tickets seemingly gone by 2pm

An earlier rush saw over 50000 eager theatregoers lining up for access to presale tickets starting at 8am

Fans likened the scramble for tickets to the rush of securing seats for taylor swifts eras tour which sold 435 million tickets across 60 tour dates

Hollands loyal fans expressed frustrations on x airing concerns about missing out on witnessing his stage prowess firsthand

Now why are there 25000 people in front of me in the queue to get these tom holland romeo and juliet tickets this isn’t the eras tour one fan wrote

Another lamented getting tickets to tom holland’s romeo juliet is starting to feel like eras tour trauma

A third commented 28664 people in front of me theres no way im getting tickets am i i just wanna see my man tom holland