1: Olivia Dunne accuses TikTok of shadow banning her, resulting in a decline in viewership.

2: The gymnast claims her content is being suppressed on the popular social media platform.

3: Dunne expresses frustration over the sudden drop in engagement on her TikTok videos.

4: Fans show support for Olivia Dunne amid her shadow ban allegations.

5: The influencer calls out TikTok for allegedly limiting her reach to users.

6: Olivia Dunne believes her content has been unfairly targeted by the platform's algorithms.

7: TikTok faces backlash as Olivia Dunne speaks out against shadow banning practices.

8: The gymnast vows to advocate for transparency in social media algorithms.

9: Stay tuned as Olivia Dunne continues to fight against shadow banning on TikTok.