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Optical illusion can you spot 11 hidden objects in this image

Are you prepared for the challenge along with a polar bear you must identify eleven other objects including a teddy bear a candy cane and a christmas gift

Started this challenge to spread the joy of outdoor sports she has a large following on social media for her illustrations in childrens books and optical illusions

You can demonstrate your abilities if you can find all of the concealed items in this cold scene using a seekandfind challenge

In the image a family is building memories with friends with certain items skillfully placed in plain view

The concealed things include a reindeer carrot lantern snowflake bell teddy bear ice cream hot drink candy cane christmas present and polar bear

Only the most keeneyed puzzlers have correctly identified all of the things without consulting the answer many folks have reported to feeling overwhelmed by the brainteaser and unsure where to begin

To succeed consider strategically where each of the 11 things could be located

If youre having problems locating the reindeer it could be because its drawn in an unusual colour the polar bears face can be seen poking out from behind an object