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Optical illusion find two hidden kittens in the living room

Optical illusion photos are meant to fool the mind one of the easiest tests to measure intellect and attentiveness

Optical illusions increase cognitive ability and stimulate creative thinking regularly tackling such issues improves problem

Solving and creative thinking from pinterest the image above shows a living room a couple and their daughter sit in the living room

There are others in the room two cats hide in plain sight can you find cats in 7 seconds your time begins

This short test will assess your visual acuity view the image attentively

The kitties hid well in the photo have you seen them

Readers with keen eyes will spot the kitties firsttwo are sitting on the ladys lap and one underneath the gentlemans leg on the chair it was hard right enjoy this optical illusion challenge

Share it with family and friends to see who solves it fastest try more difficulties from our recommended reading before leaving