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Report bill belichick whispers will surround cowboys in 2024

Espns dan graziano who is part nfl insider reporter and talking head has compiled a list of the 80 best storylines coming into the 2024 nfl season

The list included players with uncertain futures like as wide receiver davante adams as well as enticing free agents like chris jones

Near the close of the essay graziano discussed a few coaches who are either looking for jobs

Need a solid season to keep their job or are just beginning their new tenure

The espn insider said this regarding bill belichick who auditioned for the atlanta falcons job but lost to raheem morris

He later cited belichick again when discussing dallas cowboys head coach mike mccarthy graziano believes

Whispers of bill belichicks name will follow the cowboys all season particularly after a loss

If the cowboys fail to make a long playoff run owner jerry jones may consider replacing mccarthy after the 2024 season