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Yankees’ 162 million pitcher breaks silence on awful 2023 performance

Carlos rodón a starting pitcher for the new york yankees signed a sixyear 162 million contract last winter unfortunately his first season in pinstripes did not go as he expected

Multiple visits to the disabled list limited the lefthanded pitcher to only 14 starts and 641 innings rodóns pitching performance was likewise subpar with a 685 era 145 whip

And 64 strikeouts already in tampa preparing for the forthcoming season he chatted with greg joyce of the new york post about his nightmarish 2023 season

I just feel like i got some stuff to prove and i want to stay on the field a lot longer than i did last year he stated before a bullpen session on february 12i know i have to do better

Rodon stated listen i will be open with you each of us is human we can hear everything now whether that bothers you or if you genuinely listen and go into it is a personal choice

However if you hear something a thousand times it will ultimately crack i know im being open and honest its difficult but as new york yankees

Its our responsibility to maintain that shell tough fortunately it was the end of the year and i was able to move on and forget about baseball only to return refreshed and ready to start again

The southpaw aspires to reclaim his 202122 performance during the 2024 season rodón was selected to the allstar game both times